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Final, Fall 2018

Photo 2 Final, Fall 2018
Revisiting Goals: My goals for this semester tended towards the technical side of photography. I was very interested in the mechanics of a camera, especially film cameras, as well as how to work in the darkroom and use photo-editing software. While we only did one photoshop project this year, we spent a lot of time learning how to use different types of cameras, how to expose and develop film, and techniques for taking successful photographs. At the end of the semester I feel satisfied with my learning and I’m excited to move onto photo 3 for my senior year.

Successes: I think that over the course of this semester my photography has shown a drastic improvement, especially in the biweekly photo-taking assignments. My favorite photos that I’ve taken are probably from the water bi-weekly, which contained a couple really successful shots that I’m very proud of. Not only did they give me a better grasp on how to utilize frozen motion in photography, but they also ga…

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